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Carpet Care
Post Home / Office Carpet Supply and Install Maintenance and Cleaning
After our home/office carpet supply and install services have been completed, your carpet and rugs can be kept clean and fresh looking by giving them regular and proper attention. A good practice is to go over your carpet and rug traffic areas each day with a vacuum cleaner, and, at least once a week, give them a thorough cleaning, preferably with a vacuum equipped with a revolving brush and/or beater-bar. Be sure the vacuum has no teeth, combs, or rough edges that could damage your carpet.

Removing loose soil while it is on the surface of the carpet is important. Footsteps will work the soil deep into the carpet and make the removal of the loose soil extremely difficult.

A thorough cleaning with the vacuum may take seven or more strokes forward and backwards over the carpet. Move the vacuum slowly to allow the suction to remove embedded soil particles. You may vacuum carpet in any direction; however, if the final strokes are all in one direction, the carpet will have a more uniform appearance.

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