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Paul Shaggy Short TBLF3-10
A beautiful rug bring striking element in any interior setting.Easy to clean,water repellent & colorfast...
$395 $450

Available Options

Lorenza - Black/Black
$295 $350
Lorenza - Bone/Bone
Modern Carpet..
$295 $350
Lorenza - Bone/Brown
Modern Carpet..
$295 $350
Lorenza - Light Beige/Light Brown
Modern Carpet..
$295 $350
Lorenza - Light Grey
Modern Carpet..
$295 $350
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Carpets Sale Online in Singapore

While carpets can easily beautify your home without adding to your pre-existing clutter and taking up too much space, sometimes it is difficult to acquire these accessories without breaking the bank – especially when you want quality rugs with praiseworthy designs.

This is where our carpets promotion collection in Singapore comes in.

At Ling Carpets, we believe in making quality masterpieces accessible and affordable to everyone. You can’t find premium cheap home carpets at these prices anywhere else in Singapore!

While our prices may be low, the quality of our carpets is unrivalled. We have sourced our collection from some of the leading carpet makers in Singapore and beyond. Our stocks are the cream of the crop. Rest assured that we do not compromise on quality for the value-for-money prices we offer. Whether you need a vintage viscose carpet or some rugs to beautify your home, you will be able to find suitable pieces for sale at Ling Carpets, the leading online carpet store in Singapore.

Why Choose Ling Carpets?

Aside from providing premium rugs for sale in Singapore, what makes Ling Carpets the choice website for carpets?

Firstly, we remain committed to being a one-stop platform for all shoppers. Whether you want vintage designs, minimalist prints or quirky pieces, you can find all those and more for sale at our online store.

In addition, Ling Carpets retains its position as the No. 1 online platform in Singapore for offering first-class customer service. We prioritise the needs of our customers above all else and make sure that our customers are fully satisfied when they patron our services.


Should you have any questions about our carpets sale in Singapore, feel free to get in touch with us. Click here to leave us a note on our blog.