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Regular maintenance
Vacuum regularly to keep the rug free from dust and dirt.

Spot cleaning
In the event that a spill accidentally happened.. immediate attention is the best option to help clear the stains . 1st, use paper towel to soak up as much spills as possible , then dilute the spilled area with water and again use the paper towel to soak up the liquid as much as you could. Then use a little washing detergent (not bleach) on a white towel or wet wipes , to gently scrub/wipe the area to get the stains off. Then use a few more clean wet wipes to get the soap off. Air dry. 

A Thorough Clean
For polypropylene rugs, simply use a hose or jet spray to spray down the rugs and properly working it with a scrub and mild soap. Once done, rinse the rug with water to get rid of the soap. Then once it’s dripped dry. Hang it out to dry completely. 

Polypropylene rugs/carpets can be steam cleaned . Just make sure to hang the rug/carpet to dry after. 

Baking Soda method
Another way to clean the rug/carpet is to sprinkle baking soda on the rug/carpet , let

It sit for at least 30mins. The longer the baking soda stays in the rug, the more odor, dirt , moisture and oil it will absorb. Deep Vacuum the rug/carpet afterward to freshen it up. 

For Viscose rugs, they are machine-washable cold (No Dryer). Hang dry after spin. Do NOT use Steam cleaning on Viscose rug.

Note: Dry cleaning is the best option for all types of rugs for longevity. 

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