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Our Collections

PP Range/ PP(I) Range
Our most affordable range. Made of 100% Polypropylene. They are extremely durable . They are also water resistant and mold and mildew resistant . They can be wash easily by using a soft scrub and hose down . Thickness: <8mm


Viscose range
Compared to natural fibers like silk and wool, viscose rugs tend to be more affordable while the touch is soft as silk. They offer a budget-friendly option for those who desire a luxurious look without a high price tag. They are also low-shedding . Main benefits of Viscose is breathability, thus it doesn’t get hot while lying on them. Viscose rugs are thin due to their soft yarn thus they are easily foldable and kept when not in use. Even though they are machine washable cold (No Dryer). Dry-cleaning is the best option for their longevity. Thickness: <3.5mm


Luxe Range

Either 100% Polypropylene Heatset/ Polypropylene Heatset mixed with Polyester. Heatset polypropylene fibers are further softened and more resilient to wear and tear and also repel stains . Heat set fibres are easy to vacuum as they have anti-static properties, meaning fluff and animal hairs do not easily adhere to them. Thickness: <12-15mm.


Flatwoven range
100% polypropylene Flatweave or Flatwoven rugs are woven flat and have no pile, in contrast to knotted rugs . As Polypropylene rugs are already durable, Flatwoven polypropylene rugs are even more resilient to wear and tear due to their weaving pattern. Thus, they are also able to be use outdoors under extreme weather while avoiding discolouration and staining . They are mold and mildew resistant. They can be washed simply by spraying with hose and some light scrubbing. We also highly recommend Flatweaves for dining space , as they are hard-wearing , the pulling and pushing of dining chairs will not easily damage them. Thickness: <5-6mm


Silky shaggy
A shaggy rug is an area rug characterised by its long loose fibers that create a deep and textured appearance .Thickness: <30-40mm